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The 2005 General Election will become part of the rich political history of Britain. We would like to preserve this history for the benefit of present and future generations of students.

In conjunction with the By-elections website we are aiming to create a digital archive of the leaflets, posters, postcards & newsletters produced by the candidates and political parties contesting the 2005 General Election.

The purpose of this digital archive is to significantly improve the accessibility and usability of such materials for students and researchers of political and governmental science, the general public and political anoraks like us.

The success of this project depends on the co-operation of the individual candidates, political parties and voters in these elections.

You can help by collecting any election leaflets etc. that are distributed by all the candidates in your constituency over the next few weeks.

Send them to us at the address below and we will then add them to our new website, in the style of the the By-elections website.

With your help we can preserve the leaflets of the 2005 General Election for the benefit of present and future generations of students.

We have set up a post office box address for all leaflet donations to be sent.

Please post to:

PO BOX 4312
WV11 3WZ




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my company is working for Royal Mail and have "freepost" leaflets for all constituencies and all parties. If interested drop me an email and I'll see if there is anyway we can put you in touch with the right people to have them eventually released to you.

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